Donate money to IMP just by searching online!

By IMP_NEWS - Posted on 22 November 2009

The Incentive Mentoring Program is now registered on an online search engine that will donate money to us for every search. The search engine is powered by Yahoo! so you will still get good-quality results. Be sure to "select a charity" (or type in "Incentive Mentoring Program" and click "verify") before you search to make sure we get credit. However, once you've started, the site can remember your charity choice, and you can also set up a search-engine toolbar for convenience.

Each search only generates one or two pennies, but it will definitely add up quickly, especially if we all pitch in. Visit and check it out. Their partner website also donates money to us if you choose to do online shopping there. Please spread the word to your family and friends as well. FAQ's have been copy-and-pasted below if you want more information.

Thanks for your support!