IMP supports students and volunteers by offering Individualized Services


Through IMP’s interactions with the Baltimore and Hopkins communities, fruitful partnerships have formed between community members and IMP volunteers to allow for IMP to provide professional and individualized services to students and volunteers.


By working with partners from within the community, the Legal Affairs committee works to coordinate legal resources for, and advise, students and their families in, all legal affairs.

Community Partners: Venable LLP

Health and Wellness

IMP’s Health and Wellness Service was created to ensure that all students had adequate access to healthcare. Through a partnership with the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute, primary, preventative and referral health services have been made available to all students. As a result 95% of third cohort students have received an annual physical and vision screening and 100% of students requiring mental health or substance abuse referrals have received them.

Community Partners: Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Pediatrics and OB/GYN, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Life Coaching

IMP provides Life Coaching as a source of mental and psychological support for volunteers. Life Coaches act as confidential counselors for all volunteers, and also help with referrals to experts for those requiring additional or external counseling.